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karkat default

Putting this here because it's clunky on Tumblr

So like, fun fact: I hate my real name. It’s stupid. It sounds bad. The meaning is AWESOME but it gets misspelled ALL THE TIME and I hate when people call me by name so, so much.

So I kinda picked this Japanese name in middle school (all weeabo brats do, right?) which was Hikari Chimi that morphed into Hikari Amano that morphed into Kari Amano who… became her own character, even though I was still attached to the name Kari (the only people who ever called me that were in Tinier Me though, because I’m Kari-yari over there).

I was also ‘Yuu’ from genki_yuuutsu (my LJ) but… it’s a closed personal journal and I never had any friends over there so no one ever called me that : | No one has ever really called me by any of my nicknames consistently (close though).

But getting to the point, Kari is an OC of mine from a story who is actually rather different from me and sharing a name with her is weird and I’ve been mulling and mulling and I thought ‘maybe Mia’ because people could call me that IRL and it would be cool but then I was like ‘asdjhfakjhrtk MIZUNO’ because it means ‘of water’ which is close to my real name’s meaning (of the sea) and can be Mizno (stylish) or Miz (not so Japanese!).

… no one is going to call me that/those ever but I CAN DREAM AND HAVE A PEN NAME, CAN’T I?