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Akinator the genie is a pretty cool guy

He guessed the followed people from me:
1. Birdo (from the Mario games)
2. Fred Luo (took two rounds, guessed L first)
3. Yukishiro Tomoe (from Rurouni Kenshin)
4. Sachiel (from Evangelion)
5. Akari (from 5 cm per second)
6. WALL-E (duh)
7. Cassie (from Push)
8. Rachel (from Animorphs)
9. Mad Pierrot (took two rounds, guessed Spike first but only needed six more questions to get it right!)
10. But NOT Gretchen (from Phineas and Ferb) FIRST TIME he guessed Meg Griffin... we were interrupted in the second round because my internet failed. SECOND TIME he guessed Gretchen from Recess (close!)... then Little Suzie from JB... then Pepper Ann. I finally stumped him! It looks like Gretchen wasn't in his database so I added her. NOW HE KNOWS.

1/10, that's not bad!