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The days are alreay zipping by and summer just started

As I thought. It'll be September before I know it and I'll be back in school (thankfully only three days a week). Not much to report from the last few days... 'cept EC turned 18. Um... final grades weren't bad... two B+, two A-, one A.

This summer... nah, it's not gonna be special. It's going to be exactly like last summer and every summer before that. I think things only really change during the school year. I miss the manic episode I had last year.

I'm excited about getting a new laptop, but I still have like, over a month before I can even order it. I'm worried the only reason it keeps coming up so cheap is because there's some deal going on and when it comes time for me to actually buy it, it'll cost too much.

I'm supposed to start translating the first Durarara!! novel. I'll probably start with chapter four (because chapters prologue-3 are translated on bakatsuki and I've read them). I don't know.

Ehhh... this all seems kind of pointless. Now I'm on facebook but...